(Deutsch) Pinselstriche der Zeit

(Deutsch) Das Akademische Gymnasium

(Deutsch) Kursalon Hübner

(Deutsch) Urania

(Deutsch) Grand Hotel

(Deutsch) Palais Erzherzog Ludwig Viktor

(Deutsch) Museumsquartier

(Deutsch) Historische Größen am Ring I

(Deutsch) Historische Größen am Ring II

Auf der Wiener Ringstraße befinden sich eine große Anzahl an Monumenten. Grundsätzlich könnte man sagen, dass Dreiviertel der wichtigsten Wiener Sehenswürdigkeiten entlang der Wiener Ringstraße stehen. Zwischen den vielen historischen Gebäuden finden sich immer wieder kleine Highlights, die historische Figuren von monumentaler Wichtigkeit darstellen.

(Deutsch) Hotel Imperial

(Deutsch) Wien im Weihnachtszauber

(Deutsch) Die Votivkirche

(Deutsch) Die Burg am Hof

(Deutsch) „Die Burg“ am Ring

(Deutsch) Das Parlament

(Deutsch) Das Café Schwarzenberg

(Deutsch) Die Wiener Staatsoper

(Deutsch) Die Wiener Strassenbahn

(Deutsch) Die Philharmoniker im Wiener Musikverein

(Deutsch) Sacher

(Deutsch) Historismus am Wiener Ring

(Deutsch) Der Strauss im Stadtpark

(Deutsch) Filme rund um Wien

(Deutsch) Streetparade Vienna

(Deutsch) Die Babenbergerpassage

(Deutsch) Die Universität Wien

(Deutsch) Die Wiege grosser Denker

(Deutsch) Vom Exerzierplatz zur Showbühne – der Wiener Rathausplatz

(Deutsch) Der “Zwilling” am Maria-Theresien-Platz – Das Kunsthistorische Museum

(Deutsch) USA meets Vienna: der Wiener Ringturm

(Deutsch) Der Volksgarten – grüne Idylle am Ring

(Deutsch) Die Albertina – von Herzog Albrecht bis zum „Feldhasen“

(Deutsch) Das Wiener Rathaus – Filmgenuss in klassischem Ambiente

(Deutsch) Das Naturhistorische Museum Wien

Die „Alte Börse“ am Schottenring 16.

(Deutsch) Die Wiener Börse – von Maria Theresia, Aktien und Tradition

(Deutsch) Schmelztiegel des Nahverkehrs: Die U-Bahn am Wiener Ring

(Deutsch) Ein McDonald’s Restaurant mit Geschichte

(Deutsch) Was war vor den Ringstrassen-Galerien? Die Geschichte des Steyr-Daimler-Puch-Hauses.


(Deutsch) Wohnen & Interieur


(Deutsch) Ein Spaziergang durch den Wiener Stadtpark

Museum für Angewandte Kunst

(Deutsch) Wo Kunst auf Geschichte trifft: Das MAK am Wiener Stubenring

Wiener Staatsoper

The history of the Vienna Opera Ball

“Alles Walzer”, this is the motto for  the Opera Ball. Just like no other event, the traditions night throws their light on the “Music City Vienna” and the bright Vienna Ring. On February 23, 2017 the Opera Ball will take place for the 61st time. According to Lotte Tobisch and Desirée Treichl-Stürgkh, Marie Großbauer is the new event manager this year. Until the Opera Ball became the highlight of the ball season, it was a long journey.

Historical searching for tracks: The „Postsparkasse“ on the Vienna Ring

“Something unpractical can never be beautiful” – architect Otto Wagner was guided by this quotation when he began drafting one of the most important financial buildings in Vienna in 1904: the “Postsparkasse”. It is one of the most famous art nouveau buildings in the capital and the current headquarters of “BAWAG PSK”. The moving history behind the building at Georg-Coch-Platz, however, is only known to a few. We have gone for you on the search for tracks and have taken a closer look at the magnificent building on the Stubenring.

Celebrate on the Vienna Ring

Vienna is the capital of wonderful events and parties. The absolute hotspot to celebrate is the Vienna Ring, where you can enjoy unique events. Every year numerous tourists and locals enter the boulevard and celebrate together in a great atmosphere.

Hotel Marriott Wien

The Marriott Hotel on the Vienna Ring

In the heart of Vienna’s inner city – on the Ring – there is a building, which is because of its international elegance and its architecture a real eye catcher: The Marriott Hotel
2010 the premium hotel celebrated its 25th birthday. Since then many things have changed. We went to the hotel and took a look for you.


Tram “D“– historical drive through the history of Vienna

A real secret tip for all urban explorers and lovers of travelling. The tram line D connects the most beautiful places in Vienna and stops at the most magnificent buildings on the Ring Road in Vienna. We explored Vienna for you in 42 minutes with this historical tram. And one thing we can tell you for sure: The Line D is more than “just” a tram line.


Winter on the Vienna Ring

Hurray, the winter is finally here! We have already agreed a little more than a month ago with the start of the Christmas illumination on the most beautiful boulevard in the city: The Vienna Ring


Christmas shopping on the Vienna Ring

Christmas is approaching ever closer – contemplative music and festively illuminated streets are considered to be faithful companions during this time and fill our hearts during this time with a Christmas feeling. And what cannot be missing the perfect festival? The perfect gift of course! How about shopping for the presents, not only to his beloved, but to himself as well? How it works? With a Christmas shopping tour on the Vienna Ring! The wide selection of exquisite shops and their offer will convince your loved ones – and the sparkle of the Christmas-lit Vienna Ring will surely put you in Christmas mood

The splendor is back: the Vienna Ring lights up again

“Let there be light”: That was the motto on 25th November on Vienna’s greatest boulevard. The Vienna Ring shines and sparkles ever since again in its most beautiful light – which is even more magnificent and imposing than ever before. In addition to the Stuben, Schubert and Kärntnerring, this year the park and opera ring also shine in its sublime splendor.

Eistraum am Wiener Ring

Every year again: The Viennese Christmas Market at the Rathausplatz

The Christmas season is getting closer and slowly but surely we fall into the spell of this contemplative time. The scent of fresh Christmas biscuits and punch is in the air and the first Advent calendars already hang in the domestic children’s rooms. It is therefore no wonder that the Viennese Christmas market at the Rathausplatz opened its doors two weeks before the beginning of the Advent, and has inspired a Christmas village that is as diverse as ever.

Der Schottenring: Historischer Hotspot der Wiener Ringstraße

Historic hotspot on the Ring: The Schottenring

The Schottenring: home of many historical buildings, hotspot for night owls and domicile for lovers of the Danube Canal. The many possibilities offered by this ring segment are immeasurable. But what few people know is that there is a lot of history.

Marvelling highlight: The Christmas illumination on the Vienna Ring

This year, Vienna’s Ring Road is already lit for Christmas on 25th November, thus providing a sparkling highlight in the heart of the city.

Herbst am Wiener Ring

The Vienna Ring Road in autumn

Fall is now almost one month’s move in Vienna and the cityscape is experiencing its most colorful change. The colorful leaves turn the trees along the Ring Road in Vienna into a regular spectacle of red, green, brown and yellow tones and spread a foliage carpet on the boulevard, which provides a wonderful flair.

National Holiday in Vienna

“Land der Berge, Land am Strome …” – it is said every year on October 26 throughout Austria. Since 51 years now, we already celebrate the sovereignty and neutrality of our country. So also on the Vienna Ring Road where you commemorated this date in a very special way.

Home of Pallas Athene: The Dr. Karl-Renner-Ring

(Deutsch) Where today’s politicians enter and leave, is one of the most important sections on the ring. Named after the first President of the Republic of Austria in 1956, Dr. Karl Renner (who came to history for his contribution to the formation of the Second Republic as an honorary citizen of the city of Vienna), the Ring section is today considered a home for the Palais Eckstein, the Republic Monument Volksgarten and, of course, the Parliament.

The Vienna Ring Tram

Where the Viennese city wall once stood, the most magnificent street in Vienna today is the Vienna Ring Road. Countless places of interest lined up here – whether the opera, the art historical museum, the parliament or the town hall – here one can never really get enough.

The Universitätsring –Marvel, Study and Stroll

To coincide with the semester start, we are also focusing on the historical knowledge center on Vienna’s Ring Road in October: the “Universitätsring”. The former university ring has been found here, where the town wall once stood, since 1872.

Anniversary in sports shoes: The Vienna Night Run turns 10

On your marks, get set, go! Tomorrow the Erste Bank Vienna Night Run invites you to explore the Wiener Ring on an ongoing basis – and this is the tenth time this year.

Sparkling start on the Danube canal

“Let there be light!” Was the motto last week at the radiant event on the Danube canal, in the course of which we were able to present our highlights (in the truest sense of the word) for this year’s Christmas lighting along the Vienna ring. But enough with the word games – what do you expect this year?

An amazing idea: Dunkin ‘donuts in the Viennese ring design

From the end of November, when the Viennese Christmas illumination of the city again gives Christmas glamour. We can hardly expect this from the Christmas lighting service of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, but we are working all year round on high-ways to make Christmas lighting a radiant experience for young and old alike.

The Emperor’s Forum: The Burgring

(Deutsch) Originally the area of the Burgring lay outside the Viennese city wall. It was only when Emperor Franz Joseph I. took the decision to grind the city walls and instead to create a boulevard, the Burgring became a part of the Viennese inner city.

Photo spots at the Vienna Ring Road

(Deutsch) Everybody, who is visiting Vienna wants to keep his experiences on picture, for those who have to stay at home that they can finally see what has been seen so far, where one has been and what has been done. For example the walk along the Vienna Ring Road, the boulevard, which you already know from the postcards …

#ViennaSparkRing goes Donaukanal

Admittedly, until Christmas, it is still a while. But as anticipation is the best pleasure, we will take care that the Christmas fever infects you already in September. On 15 and 16 September, the Christmas Illumination Services of Vienna Economic Chambers will be inviting you to the Boxcircus at the Donaukanal near the Badeschiff.

Cultural Center: The Opernring

(Deutsch) Where the most beautiful sounds are heard every day, the culturally most imposing section of Vienna’s Ring Road runs undoubtedly. And how could it be otherwise, it is named after the former k.u.k. Hofoperntheater – now better known as the “Wiener Staatsoper”. By the way, it was not only the name of the Opernring, but also the first ring road construction, designed by the architects August Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Nüll.

Playground for Pokémon – On the hunt on the Vienna Ring Road

(Deutsch) Vienna is infected with the Pokémon fever. Wherever you look, you can see either small virtual beings (through the screen of the smartphone) or people who are staring at their screen.

So near to the sky – Rooftop bars on the Vienna Ring Road

As oases in the middle of the city you could call them – the rooftop bars, which combine the ambience of a new school bar with a spectacular view over Vienna and a fresh breeze around the nose.

A major cultural event – The Vienna Film Festival

We have listened to the people of Vienna what the highlights of the summer in Vienna are. The answers were about strolling in the city, along the Danube canal and of course the Vienna Ring Road, followed by eating ice cream and swimming in the Viennese indoor swimming pools.

The best ice-cream bars on the Vienna Ring road

The ice age has also started in summer. “What do you say, ice age at 30 degrees?” You ask? But, of course, we prefer chocolate, vanilla and strawberries in their coolest and creamiest form, as ice balls on our stakes.

Boulevard of vanity: The Kärntner Ring

The name of the Kärntner Ring is not a coincidence; it’s named after the Kärntnerstrasse, which was one of the most important long-distance trade routes in the direction of Carinthia and further to Trieste and Venice.

Summer time on the Vienna Ring Road

The summer is finally here and not only Vienna is wrapped in beautiful colors, also our website is. The logo and the website of the Vienna Ring Rode shine in summery yellow and orange to match the warm season.

Vacation time is coming: Insider tips of travel experts on the Vienna Ring Road

With the summer also the vacation time comes and with her the agony of choice: Where do we go on journey? We asked the travel experts along the Vienna Ring road for their insider tips and the holiday trends 2016.

The Football European Championship 2016 on the Vienna Ring Road

The ball must go into the net. Every football fan in Europe confirms that, only the question for which team you cheer, that lets the emotions rise, especially when you are in between a bunch of enthusiastic fans, because there the atmosphere explodes.

To honor great personalities: Parkring and Schubertring

Vienna’s parks are one of the most beautiful places in the city. Here, in the gardens of the city, we like to rest: picnics, sunbathe, chat with friends and just escape the hustle and bustle of busy shopping streets.

The Vienna Ring Road as a jewel

The Vienna Ring Road is not only a magnificent boulevard and as such jewel of our city – it is also available as a jewel. Goldsmith Stefan Nikl and designer Siegfried Baumgartner have jointly designed the Vienna Ring, which is a very special reminder for Vienna fans in yellow, red or white gold.

We met Stefan Nikl and asked for a conversation.

Competition: The “Wiener Festwochen” on the Vienna Ring Road

Culture is so much appreciated in Vienna, as hardly in any other city. This may be due to the fact that Vienna is so rich in cultural offerings, historical places and cultivated traditions – as Vienna is not a popular destination for all cultural hunters and unquestioned cultural metropolises.

Architectural Mix: The Stubenring

If you are looking for a series of small, homely dormitories at the Stubenring – according to the motto “Come in the good room” – this will soon give way to frustration. But where does the name “Stubenring”, which describes the section of the Viennese Ringstrasse between Franz Josefs-Kai and Parkring, come from?

The traffic arteries and promenade of the city

In 2015, the Vienna Ring Road celebrated its 150th anniversary. Just as long as it enjoys its reputation as a splendid boulevard – even as one of the most beautiful in the world. We, of course, know this and appreciate our Vienna Ring not only because of its urban development and architectural achievements, but also because of its role as one of the main traffic arteries of Vienna.

For the lunch break outdoors: Chic guest gardens on the Wiener Ring

The sun rays finally lure us out, which is why we also take every opportunity to keep our nose in the spring air. It is quite wonderful that in the middle of the city, along the Vienna Ring Road, the first guest gardens have already opened and invite you to just take the lunch break out into the open air.

Ringtastic. Running on the Vienna Ring Road.

Spring is finally here and anyone who has slipped over the winter is now lacing his running shoes. The beautiful weather lures us into the open air, so no wonder that Vienna’s streets are increasingly becoming a training ground for many joggers. After all, if you want to do sports, you do not necessarily have to leave the city, you can also do your training here.

Vienna plants fir trees along the Vienna Ring Road

The existing lawns are successively replaced

Get out into the city gardens. A Sunday stroll on the Vienna Ring Road.

The Easter weekend is going to be sunny – and hopefully the long-awaited spring will start. So it is perfect to use the holidays for a long walk.

Turn the lights on: Let’s do it

Christmas 1857: Emperor Franz Joseph decides to build a magnificent boulevard for his capital Vienna. In 1865, the unique architectural avenue was ceremoniously opened: the Vienna Ring Road. This year, the 150th anniversary of this historic event is taking place.

“Lights on” at the Vienna Ring Road

Waiting has come to an end. On Friday, November 27, 2015, “Lights on” was the motto on the Ring Road in Vienna, when branch observer Dr. Rainer Trefelik and financial city councilor Renate Brauner switched the button for this year’s Christmas lighting.

Historic Ring Road

(Deutsch) “It is my will,” said Kaiser Franz Joseph in 1857, announcing that he was planning to expand the inner city of Vienna in the sense of a connection with the suburbs. This gave him the starting shot for the largest urban development measure of the time: The Vienna Ring Road.

Design meets logistics

Behind the glow of the Christmas lights is not only creative design and experienced expert knowledge, but also sophisticated logistics. The latest technologies and materials are used to illuminate the almost 90 trees along the Stubenring, Schubertring and Kärntner Ring sections, as well as the 36 arcades, so-called “light gates” stretching over the roadway.

The designer

In order to keep Vienna’s Ring Road famous for its reputation as a splendid boulevard, a team of renowned designers, producers and technicians is behind the project of Christmas lighting. Since the beginning of the year, they have all been working feverishly on the conception and implementation in order to put the visitors into a festive atmosphere at the Advent season.

Christmas, the Feast of Lights

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, a section of Vienna’s Ring Road will be illuminated for the first time during the Christmas season.

The producers

During the intensive production of the Christmas lighting along the Ring Road in Vienna, the expertise of the Austrian lighting specialists from “Blachère Illumination” was emphasized. The company, based in Wels, Upper Austria, is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers on the world market for Christmas illumination.

Romantic Christmas Lights

(Deutsch) Why do we like sparkling lights and candle lights at Christmas?