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Tram “D“– historical drive through the history of Vienna

Friday January 13th, 2017

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Tram “D”

A real secret tip for all urban explorers and lovers of travelling. The tram line D connects the most beautiful places in Vienna and stops at the most magnificent buildings on the Ring Road in Vienna. We explored Vienna for you in 42 minutes with this historical tram. And one thing we can tell you for sure: The Line D is more than “just” a tram line.

Across the city

… tram line D traces its way through the 10th, 3rd, 1st and 9th district of Vienna – and thus is an important link between the north and south of Vienna. The length of the route, which is covered daily from A to B, is over 10 kilometers and goes from Hauptbahnhof via the Ring Road to “Nußdorf”. So you can enjoy Vienna in the truest sense of the word.

History-laden tram line D

The tram line celebrates its 111th birthday this year and already has some “at the hump”. On April 13, 1906, it began its first journey – at that time from the “Südbahnhof” (today’s Hauptbahnhof) to Althanstraße. Since then, much has changed: Basically there is the current route, which is the same since 1931, but the operation had to be discontinued 1944 due to bomb damage. On November 19, 1945, the tram D went into the second round. At that time, however, it was operated from Kopaplatz to Althanstraße. Only a year later, she was again taken from the then called “Südbahnhof” to “Nußdorf”. However, the tram line D continued to change in 2005, where the “old”, classic tramway models were supplemented by modern low-floor vehicles.

Tram of celebrities

The tram line D drives not only through the magnificent Vienna Ring, it also drives across the most beautiful sights like the “Staatsoper, the “Hofburg”, the Parliament and the university. It already had prominent appearances. The writer Friedrich Torberg described the D-tram in his work “That was Vienna” and also the poet Ernst Herbeck devoted himself to the line D. For the Austrian singer Wolfgang Ambros the tram even served as a backdrop for his music video to “Schaffnerlos”. Just unbelievable what lies behind the facade of the D-tram – So take a drive with this historical tram and convince yourself!

Picture: © Wikipedia