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The Universitätsring –Marvel, Study and Stroll

Friday October 7th, 2016

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To coincide with the semester start, we are also focusing on the historical knowledge center on Vienna’s Ring Road in October: the “Universitätsring”. The former university ring has been found here, where the town wall once stood, since 1872.
The ring section, formerly known as “Franzensring” or “Dr. Karl-Lueger-Ring”, contains two very special buildings: the University of Vienna and the Burgtheater.

University of Vienna: Historical place of knowledge

Already in 1873 and 1874, the University of Vienna, as we know it today, was built, but  famous building should be built somewhere else. Many objections – including those of Heinrich von Ferstel, the architect of the new university building – managed to give the University of Vienna the place it has today.

Heinrich von Ferstel: architect and father of the University of Vienna

“The greatest difficulty in the construction of the University of Vienna was to make perfect use of the space for the many different faculties and to reconcile everything. In the construction of the Knowledge Center, it was particularly important for me to combine imposing baroque elements with a touch of Italian ease and to give it the certain charm that characterizes it today “, the architect would probably say about the construction of the university The “Palais Ferstel” is named next to the Freyung.

Everything what your heart desires

Today, the university ring is not only popular for students: here you can feast, celebrate, relax, or simply admire the beauty of the imposing buildings.

Picture © Atelier Frankenstein & Comp.