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Marvelling highlight: The Christmas illumination on the Vienna Ring

Tuesday November 8th, 2016

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Weihnachtsbeleuchtung am Wiener Ring

This year, Vienna’s Ring Road is already lit for Christmas on 25th November, thus providing a sparkling highlight in the heart of the city.

Historical overall work of art

“It is my will …” – with these words, Emperor Franz Joseph announced the construction of the Ring in 1857, thus giving the starting shot for the construction of an imposing boulevard, which is still regarded today as the most magnificent street in Vienna. Completed in 1865, it celebrated its 150th anniversary last year, on the occasion of which the city gave her a festive Christmas illumination for the first time and it continues in 2016 as well.

Let there be light

Numerous trees along the Vienna Ring will once again glow splendidly from the 25th of November. Together with the imposing “Light Gates”, which frame the roadway, they ensure a festive flair in the inner city of Vienna. We do not want to reveal too much at this point …

What we can proudly present, however, is the first-time possibility of a light sponsorship. Whether as a contribution to the Christmas cityscape, as an extraordinary gift for a special person or to make a joy for themselves, companies and private individuals can take over light patronages for trees along the Vienna Ring. In doing so, they contribute to the fact that Christmas lighting will continue to shine in the future every year.

Did you know, incidentally, that Vienna is regarded not only as the capital of the quality of life, but also especially in the winter as the favorite city of many tourists? According to a ranking of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, it is regarded as one of the most romantic Christmas cities in the world. A visit to the idyllic boulevard therefore pays off in any case.