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The best ice-cream bars on the Vienna Ring road

Thursday July 7th, 2016

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The ice age has also started in summer. “What do you say, ice age at 30 degrees?” You ask? But, of course, we prefer chocolate, vanilla and strawberries in their coolest and creamiest form, as ice balls on our stakes.

Selfless as we are we have tested for you this week the ice rations on the Vienna Ring Road – and found for very well. For here, along the wonderful boulevard and under the shade-spreading trees, we enjoy relaxing with some ice cream. For example, at Zanoni & Zanoni at Burgring 3, where the heart is beating for Italian ice cream. Here we were told that chocolate, vanilla and strawberry also count among the most popular varieties this year – our favorite being banana ice cream. For 4 liters of banana ice cream, you need up to 1.2 kilograms of bananas, which makes it a true fruit bomb. This is a wonderful addition to the bitter chocolate ice cream, which is made without milk and is therefore also suitable for vegans (as, by the way, some fruit varieties also).

Kärntner Ring 1 is home to the Tuchlauben Eissalon parlor. Here the classic Strawberry and the special Macaron landed on our cone. We can tell you: Both were absolutely heavenly and unfortunately much too fast eaten. Would it not be so nice on the Vienna Ring Road, we almost dreamed of Paris, because Macaron actually tastes like you have of a touch of France and of pastel-colored meringues, of which even small bits are found in the ice cream.

The “Gelateria Perrella” is not quite on the Ring road, but between Parkring and Stubenring at Dr. Karl-Lueger-Platz 2. Here we have discovered (and tried, self-evident) some of the most unusual ice creams: Buttermilk ginger, aloe guava and rhubarb cake have smelled us in bright colors and kept their promise by providing a true taste experience for our palate.

Let’s just say: Ice, Ice, Baby!