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Historic Ring Road

Friday November 27th, 2015

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“It is my will,” said Kaiser Franz Joseph in 1857, announcing that he was planning to expand the inner city of Vienna in the sense of a connection with the suburbs. This gave him the starting shot for the largest urban development measure of the time: The Vienna Ring Road.

150 years ago, the Vienna Ring Road was ceremoniously opened, although at this time only a part of the now 5.3 km long and 57 m wide Ring Road was completed. All in all, the construction work lasted for more than half a century, when the Vienna Ring – which is not at all circular – was not only one of the most important traffic arteries in Vienna. Today it is also one of the most beautiful boulevards in the world.

No wonder the best architects of their time were responsible for the appearance of the Ring Road. Among others, Theophil von Hansen, Heinrich von Ferstel and Friedrich Schmidt characterized the architectural style and created individual works of art with their buildings. Did you know that there are so many prestigious buildings, palaces and parks on the Vienna Ring as nowhere else?

It is precisely this historic mix of styles that gives Vienna’s Ring Road its unique appearance. To underscore this, the Christmas lights were also designed in the style of a gothic-inspired arcade arches that set an architecturally stylized quote.