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Cultural Center: The Opernring

Thursday August 4th, 2016

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Where the most beautiful sounds are heard every day, the culturally most imposing section of Vienna’s Ring Road runs undoubtedly. And how could it be otherwise, it is named after the former k.u.k. Hofoperntheater – now better known as the “Wiener Staatsoper”. By the way, it was not only the name of the Opernring, but also the first ring road construction, designed by the architects August Sicardsburg and Eduard van der Nüll.

Origin of the Ring Road

In 1863, the foundation stone of the monumental building was also used for those of the splendid street, as we know it today. Numerous architects and builders occupied themselves for many years with the design of the Viennese ring and also came together at conferences, because, unlike today, it looked quite desolate at the time when the builders approached with their implements and made massive exhibitions. Even the recently planted trees for the greening of the ring had to be overthrown again.

Loved by ones, criticized by the others

When the building of the Staatsoper was finished in 1869, the enthusiasm of the public as well as of some of the architects’ colleagues was limited. It was too “romantic” and could not unfold its “monumental effect” in the absence of a high pedestal or podium. For this, Sicardsburg and van der Nüll received much praise for the interior of the opera, for example for the smooth-polished festivals and the rooms decorated with different marble varieties. If we were to ask the architects themselves, they argued as follows: “Romantic? Come on. We appreciate the early and late phases of architecture, but at the same time strive for a new, contemporary architecture. For even if the younger generation often does not know what they want, the pursuit of an original and imposing architectural style unites us. Just like that of our “Wiener Staatsoper”. And honestly, we find that she has succeeded. ”

Today, the “Erste Haus am Ring” is one of the most famous opera houses in the world and sometimes the most beautiful building in Vienna. For no matter what somebody has to criticize, we love our state opera and the Opernring that precedes it.