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The Marriott Hotel on the Vienna Ring

Tuesday January 31st, 2017

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Hotel Marriott Wien

Hotel Marriott Wien

In the heart of Vienna’s inner city – on the Ring – there is a building, which is because of its international elegance and its architecture a real eye catcher: The Marriott Hotel
2010 the premium hotel celebrated its 25th birthday. Since then many things have changed. We went to the hotel and took a look for you.

Harry Glück: Architect of the Marriott Hotel

From 1983 on the hotel on the Parkring was constructed by the Viennese architect Harry Glück. He was very proud to get the nomination, to construct a hotel with the highest standards on the luxurious Vienna Ring. It has been a real challenge for him to connect a building of an international hotel company with the charm of the old buildings on the Ring. But he could make it: “The building and the glass facade cite the building of the k.k. Horticulture Society. There was old visual material that enabled us to make that reference, “said Glück. The hotel facade was thus inspired by an imperial royal society and still manages to spark international charm.

Historical changes at the “Parkring”

That the Marriott looks very different, in comparison to the other buildings on the Parkring, is no real secret. But many people don’t know what has happened since the grand opening in 1985 in the inner of the building: From the first years on the hotel was often renovated. At this time Stefan Kocsi was the CEO of the Marriott. Since the opening the “Parkring Restaurant”, The “Garten Café” and the “Promenade Bar” are located in the building – Soon the restaurant, coffee shop and bar got popular with hotel guests but also with many Viennese people, who are not guests of the hotel. In 2003 Dieter Fenz took over the hotel management and the “Champions Bar” was opened. In addition, the entire building will be renovated and expanded continuously. These efforts will ultimately be rewarded in 2007: the Marriott will be awarded the state-award-winning training facility and will be the occasion to become better, more competent and more beautiful. On the occasion of the anniversary 2010, the rooms have been renovated and more beautiful than ever before.

CONCLUSION: The Marriott Hotel is also for non-hotel guests worth a visit. Viennese charm meets cosmopolitan elegance. There are also excellent restaurants, exquisite cocktails and much more. But look around and convince yourself!