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Playground for Pokémon – On the hunt on the Vienna Ring Road

Thursday July 28th, 2016

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Vienna is infected with the Pokémon fever. Wherever you look, you can see either small virtual beings (through the screen of the smartphone) or people who are staring at their screen.

In the moment there are 142 Pokémon to find 

But where do they hide, the Pikachus, Flareons and Eevees? To find that out and that we can talk with our colleagues about it, we decided to contact an expert (Thank you, Dorian!) and we started our hunting after Pokémon along the Ring Road. Great news: Here you have free Wi-Fi from the City of Vienna!

Equipped with a hundred-percent charged smartphone and highly motivated to become the most successful PokéTrainer, we went on our road. Our hunt begins at the Stubenring, where we can see a Pidgey. The first in our collection and now we are totally infected by the Pokémon-fever. The hype is really contagious, so not only we are addicted now; the other people are addicted as well, when they go on the hunt. So it was on the last weekend, when countless people were on their feet, when they heard that a Snorlax is on the Ring Road.

The Vienna Ring Road as hunting area

We were unlucky, we couldn’t find one, but we were able to find many other Pokémon. Because the Vienna Ring Road is actually a playground for them, obviously they like the Ring Road very much. Understandable, because everybody likes our magnificent avenue. On every corner we can see them and the many sights transform to arenas and PokéStops, where you can find many useable items. Just for info: During the game you can find some eggs, which you can hatch, when you walk 2, 5 or 10 kilometers. So, when you walk along the Vienna Rig Road, which is 5.3 kilometers long, you can hatch your eggs to get a Psyduck, Slowpoke or a Gastly. And when you walk along the Ring Road twice you can get an Omanyte, a Kabuto or a Scyther.