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National Holiday in Vienna

Wednesday October 26th, 2016

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“Land der Berge, Land am Strome …” – it is said every year on October 26 throughout Austria. Since 51 years now, we already celebrate the sovereignty and neutrality of our country. So also on the Vienna Ring Road where you commemorated this date in a very special way.

Much beloved Austria

Who dares to Vienna boulevard on the national holiday that gets truly something to see: The Austrian army passes the day – to honor the country Austria – with a wreath-laying ceremony at the outer castle gate, and then proceeds to a proud information and exhibition at Vienna Heldenplatz, in the Teinfaltstraße, Schottengasse, Freyung and am Hof. Finally, there is then the swearing-in of recruits in the presence of the federal government at the Heldenplatz. This year for the first time in the country´s History is Doris Bures, President of the Austrian Parliament responsible for this task, she is the first woman to do that.

Pure Culture!

Who but rather sets on this holiday on art and culture, is on the national holiday in Vienna also fully on its costs: Many museums – such as the Art and Natural History Museum and the Museum of Applied Art – you can on this day with even lower admission or visit even now. Furthermore, it has the rare opportunity to Parliament the Federal Chancellery and the Office of the President free to visit. For this open only on this day exclusively its doors to the possibility to offer to interested visitors, to allow “behind the scenes” of the political hotspots a glance.

The only thing we say: Have a nice day, you, much beloved Austria!