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Vienna plants fir trees along the Vienna Ring Road

Friday April 1st, 2016

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The existing lawns are successively replaced

The fact that Vienna’s Ring Road is one of the most beautiful boulevards is well-known. That it has also the stuff to the festive mood maker since its first Christmas illumination last year, too. That is why the department of the Christmas Lighting Service of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce has now decided to make the Vienna Ring a parade project in terms of Christmas: the planting of fir trees along the road.

The fir trees should not simply mix themselves under the existing tree stock. “The planes, maples and lime trees currently located on the Vienna Ring gradually yield a total of around 1,500 fir trees from mid-April. We use the typical Christmas trees here – but in an improved version: blueprints and “Nordmann” fir trees, which were bred without gene manipulation and whose branches are also formed only from about three meters high, “says the office of the Christmas Illumination Service. These species also grow particularly tightly and evenly, making them the ideal bearers of any Christmas decorations.

This is also what is planned for the Vienna Ring Road in the future. Fairy lights, Christmas tree balls, etc., are to decorate the trees. “The Vienna Ring is a glittering spectacle at Christmas. Instead of the cold and desolate broadleaves that are so cold in the winter, the pine trees should intensify the Christmas flair”, the office says.

What is already happening with the 1,900 trees, which have already been planted at the opening of the Wiener Ringstrasse 150 years ago, is now clear. Those who are still in good health will expand the “Auwald of the Lobau” or find a new home in the parks of Vienna.


Anyone who does not really believe this contribution is right: We wish you a merry 1 April.