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To honor great personalities: Parkring and Schubertring

Wednesday May 25th, 2016

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Vienna’s parks are one of the most beautiful places in the city. Here, in the gardens of the city, we like to rest: picnics, sunbathe, chat with friends and just escape the hustle and bustle of busy shopping streets. One of the most magnificent parks is without doubt the largest green oasis in the inner city, the “Wiener Stadtpark”, which is also the richest in monuments and sculptures of Vienna – just think of the golden Johann Strauss son or the proud Franz Schubert Are immortalized. The Parkring was also named after the Stadtpark – although in the meantime it was called Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring in honor of the German Emperor Wilhelm II. But let His Majesty speak…

Kaiser Wilhelm II. on the Vienna Ring Road
“Dear people, dear neighbor Austria. I’ve just come back from the rainy UK – King George V has just climbed the throne a few days ago, and of course you cannot miss such a rushing feast. There is always plenty of food and drink, and the nice ladies … But enough of it, now I am here, in the beautiful city of Vienna, and in the magnificent “Schönbrunn Palace”, at the invitation of my dear friend Franz Joseph I High-profile archdukes as well as the mayor of Vienna. My sincere thanks to you, dear Viennese people. To devote myself to a part of your boulevard, the Vienna Ring, which amassed me with joy and pride, “we could at least imagine the words of the monarch as he directs them from the balcony of Schonbrunn Palace to his audience. By the way, he was most personally raised by Franz Joseph I, when he arrived at the “Hetzendorf railway station” in Vienna.

Quite exactly nine years later, the Viennese moved along the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring before returning to Parkring on November 6,

Architecture along the Parkring
The picture of the Parkring characterizes its beautiful buildings, including the palace of Archduke Wilhelm, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, which he had built from his personal fortune by Theophil Hansen. He had a great deal of effort to bring out the maximum of monumental effect in view of the limited space available – but as we can see today, he succeeded. Once the horses of the riding school of the knightly order were accommodated here.So they had it, the horses and the knights. Today, the OPEC fund for international development is also based here.

In honor of the composer: The Schubertring
Franz Schubert we mentioned already in one breath with the Stadtpark and the monument for the Austrian composer erected there. The fact that more attention is due to him is self-evident, since a section of the Vienna Ringstrasse is named after him. The Schubertring is connected to the Parkring and has its name only since 1928. Before that, it was called Kolowrat-Ring, after the now torn “Palais Kolowrat” of Count Franz Anton von Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky. This is now immortalized in the name of the hip bistro Liebsteinsky, which convinces directly at the Schubertring with charm and character as well as with the finest dishes.

Today the Hotel Grand Ferdinand, which opened its doors in October 2015, is located at the Schubertring. The building itself was erected around 1954 by Percy A. Faber and Walter Sobotka, and the style of the 1950s was still noticeable to him – but not his secrets and all the speculation surrounding the blinds. For a long time, the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection Terrorism-prevention had its headquarters here.

The Parkring and the Schubertring have so a few anecdotes available, which we would still have to tell. They would all break our frame – but we advise you to go for a walk on the ring and sniff a bit of history.